take no shit 2014

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I want more!!!!!!

I traveled through different countries, learned new cultures and caught a glimpse of someone else’s life through reading. #latergram

You know you had a GOOD night when:
1. Arrived home consumed and reeked of alcohol
2. Sleepily and shamelessly asked sissy for a photo session LOL
3. Throwing up some Asian peace signs with your eyes closed
4. No fucks given
5. Would post it in instagram and social media

Happy Thursday y’all well Friday now [:

I couldn’t ask for better company, thank you!! <3

An inspiring discussion, When Women Lead, took place in a breathtaking location, Sanders Theater. #latergram

Let’s go on an adventure together!

Awesome lunch with @jbetley at @merchantboston

Family & friends <3 #tbt #memories

My shadow came out to play today! [[:

Good morning sunshine!

Color block #2

Yellow rainy day

Gotta look fancy buying drugs with @hereshowifeel LOL

Always an enjoyable night with these girls <3 Had to repost!